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ACE Upskilling Scholarship Programs 2022-2023

The CUNY ACE Upskilling Initiative at City Tech offers select low cost and free trainings to low-income CUNY degree and non-degree students, alumni, and the broader New York City population, creating inclusive career pathways in-demand fields. Job placement assistance will be available for successful graduates. Click here to view available courses for 2022-2023 These scholarship trainings in high-growth industries encourage professional advancement for all New York City residents. Note: Only specified courses are eligible. Unless otherwise noted, courses are tuition based.

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  1. Browse upcoming offerings and complete the google application form.
  2. After applying, you will be invited to an interview session.
  3. Applicants must also complete the CUNY ACE Upskilling form to confirm eligibility.

Physical Therapy Aide Training at City Tech

Physical Therapy Aide Starts 10/12

Career ladder opportunities exist with in this field, with collegiate study leading to licensure, both on the associate and advanced-degree levels. A great field for caring individuals.

Supers Skills Training at City Tech Continuing Studies Center

Skills Training for Supers Starts 10/4

Skills covered include basic hand tool use, plumbing, electrical, tiling, plaster/drywall,and communication skills. This lecture and hands-on-training class are designed to prepare you for work as an in-house super. 

Fire Life Safety Director

Fire Life Safety Director Starts 10/12

The FLSD Graduation Diploma is the first step in achieving an FLS Director Certificate of Fitness, T89 or F89. The diploma is valid for 9 months for the purpose of taking the follow-up FDNY computer-based (CBT) ‘Fire Component’ examination.


AutoCAD Starts 9/13

Learn the fundamentals of AutoCAD 2019 to prepare 2D drawings for architecture, interior design, mechanical & structural engineering and other design fields.

A+ Certificate Prep at City Tech Continuing Studies Center

Hybrid Computer Repair A+ Certificate Prep Starts 9/20

A+ Certification is your first step in an IT career. Work at a help desk, as a field service technician, or in computer repair. Prepare for the CompTIA A+ Certification Exam.

Refrigeration mechanics

Online Refrigeration Systems Operating Engineer I
Starts 1/24/23

Prepare for NYC’s Refrigerating Machine Operator licensing examination with lectures, demonstrations, and reviews in the fundamentals of refrigeration equipment

Full-Stack Web Development

Full Stack Web Development Starts 10/3

Full Stack Web Development is a 16-week, 96-hour class focusing on Front End programming languages including HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery along with BackEnd development concepts, 

Intro to AutoCad class at City Tech

Online Intro to Blueprints  Starts 9/6
Learn the fundamentals of AutoCAD 2019 to prepare 2D drawings for architecture, interior design, mechanical & structural engineering and other design fields.

data analytics class

Python for Data Analytics Starts 11/14

Data Analytics and Data Engineering is at the forefront of today's economy.
The course focuses on the collection, cleaning, analysis, and visualization of data for analytical and predictive decision making.

Hemodialysis Training

Hemodialysis Training Starts 10/15
City Tech, working in partnership with Dialysis 4 Career, provides comprehensive lecture and practical clinical hemodialysis training.
The course provides 60 hours of instructor-led, Saturday and Sunday training.

300 Jay Street, Howard Building, 4th floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201