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New York City College of Technology
Division of Continuing Education

invites you to participate in our wide array of programs.
Whether you wish to enter the job market for the first time, to upgrade your skills for advancement at work, or to completely change your career, the Continuing Studies Center at City Tech offers quality, affordable courses for busy adults. 

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The Spring 2018 Schedule is Online. 

Basic Plumbing Repairs in Housing

A lecture-laboratory course for building superintendents and maintenance personnel in multi-unit housing structures.  Participants are taught how to perform routine maintenance tasks commonly expected of in-house staff. The course teaches assessment, repair and how to communicate repair requests to management and plumbing contractors.  Practical shop exercises include installation, maintenance, and basic repair of plumbing fixtures; proper use and care of tools; and introduction to NYC plumbing code. Also includes installation planning, water supply & drainage, water treatment, sump pumps and basic fixture installations. Get the skills you need to do the job!

Mobile Food Vendor Certification

Did You Know? The City of New York is considering allowing 600 new street vendor permits each year
for the next seven years. If you are interested in learning how to obtain a Mobile Food Vending license and how to operate your mobile food pushcart legally, we can help you learn how to obtain the permits and insurances that are required for lawful operations.



Network+, Security+ Certification

In today's connected world, IT support, Network Administration and Security are the lifeline that keep businesses functioning at the highest, most secure level. Our certification classes give you key skills to troubleshoot, configure and manage computer networks while keeping keep companies productive and customer information secure.

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Solar PV Training 

Get all 58 of the educational credits required for the
PV Installation Professional Exam. View our program.

Basic Math and Electric For Solar PV

NABCEP PV Associate

Exam  Details

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