Dear Student
We are glad that you have registered for our Fall 2020 semester. Please note, all our courses for the current school year will be fully Online. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to guarantee the safety of our students and instructors. We have been able to successfully convert 90% of our standard courses to Online Zoom, Canvas, and other formats so that you can continue to learn at the quality level that you would if this were a normal semester. Our instructors have also been trained to utilize online resources even for the most hands-on courses. Our courses will combine synchronous and asynchronous sessions.
In order to access our classes, you will need to have internet access, your own free set-up registered zoom account, and a space at home that will allow you to participate with few distractions. Each course will have its own specifics, so please inquire with us about how your set-up may be different for various courses. 
Once you register and confirm placement in a class, we will reach out to you again within the week prior to the course, then we will provide you with the specific course code to log-in, supplementary texts in a pdf format, and other basics you will need for a successful first day of the class. 
Best Wishes
Michael Neiman