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Sat, 2:00 - 5:00 pm, (Dates TBA)
15 hours, $325

You’re retired or have the time to take a lot of pictures, or you have traveled the world and have collected 100’s of photos on your camera or on your iPhone. 

What do you do next?
It doesn't have to be complicated to learn to shoot better photos, organize and then edit your images professionally so you can showcase your work!
Whether you are taking travel photographs or family photos the goal is to recreate the emotion you felt when you pressed the shutter, so you can share that emotion with others.
Editing is about bringing the details in your photos to life and giving your picture the desired focus and story you want to tell.

Photoshop editing is an exciting creative challenge, allowing you to take your everyday snapshots and turning them into a stunning work of art. Working with an experienced teacher you will easily build up your skills gradually every week. Your teacher, Melody Reed, is a photographer and master Photoshop user and trainer. Bring the photos you want to work with to class, and have all your questions answered. Visit

Although SLR cameras are preferred,  all cameras including the iPhones (6 and up) are acceptable. It’s more about becoming aware of seeing light, gesture, and composition than expensive hardware.