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Tues, Thurs, 6:00 - 9:00 pm, 3/9/21 - 5/20/21
60 hours, $680

This online course is designed to provide students with a basic to mature ability to collect, enter, and perform calculations with data in MS-EXCEL spreadsheets, and to utilize basic statistical techniques to analyze and present the data in words, graphs and charts. These skills will be useful in securing entry level IT positions in industry.

Key topics will be:

Survey of IT careers; Basic Math Review: fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio and proportion; Basic Algebra; Introduction to MS-OFFICE: Word and EXCEL; EXCEL spreadsheet fundamentals: navigation, entering and deleting data, formatting, saving and printing, creating formulas for calculation, report preparation; Using EXCEL built-in functions to calculate data parameters, data patterns from numbers; Visualizing data graphically: line charts, bar charts, scatter plots, pie charts; Decision making from data: confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, strategy for finding patterns; and more