BSX 341
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Thurs, 6:00 - 9:00 pm, 3/18/21 -5/6/21
30 hours, $725

This online course explores the art and science of making relevant and useful content that can be monetized online. With a mix of theory and practice, students will learn concepts and techniques to reach, connect, and ultimately inspire the targeted audience to take actions that boost business. 


Know the Business:
Vision, competitive landscape, positioning.

Master the Craft:

  • Audience insights and analytics
  • Types of content and distribution media.
  • What makes content valuable
  • Content Marketing

Content Strategy, Step by Step

  • Discovery: Research, internal audit, competitive audit, channels
  • Strategy: Topics, Taxonomy, Program, Process, Voice and Tone
  • lan: Program and Process in detail, Campaign model, CMS customization, Metadata, and Migration plans
  • Creation: Production, QA, SEO, Governance model
  • Roll out and Maintain: Advisory role with client, Audit and Weeding, Analytics
  • Monetization models and tools.

About the Instructor
Monica Gutierrez, the instructor, has created, deployed, and supervised a variety of content strategies in the US and the Americas. She has been in charge of robust content operations serving millions of users, online newsrooms, live events, and global campaigns for both brands and good causes.