City Tech Apartment House Institute Residential Building Manager Master Certificate

City Tech Apartment House Institute
Residential Building Manager Master Certificate

There are many ways to becoming a Resident Building Manager in New York City. At City Tech, we are here to guide you. Learn from our expert instructors, who share a wealth of experience and know-how that will streamline your building superintendent career to a management role. Build a Master Certificate that validates your knowledge by taking
Residential Building Management 101 (24 hours) and three or more elective courses from the list below. 


Steps to City Tech AHI Master Certification: 

Take One:
Apartment House Institute: Residential Building Management 101, Tuesday & Thursday, 6-9 pm, 24 Hours, $450

Take Three or More:
Elective Classes in this Series, Wednesdays, 7-9 pm, 2 hours, $90 + registration fee.

  • Employee Handbook
  • Developing and Employee Hanbook
  • Performance Reviews
  • Building Inspections
  • Building Violations
  • Managing Apartment Renovations and Capital Improvement
  • Local Laws You Need to Know
  • How To Handle Hoarders
  • Green Building Maintenance 


About City Tech AHI

The Apartment House Institute at City Tech (AHI) was founded in 1975 by Dick Koral, considered by many to be the father of energy-efficient buildings. AHI was funded by NYSERDA's precursor, the NYS Energy Office. Ahead of its time, with a simple mission to train the people who manage and maintain buildings so that they follow best practices City Tech AHI serves as a model for building smart and building green. City Tech Continuing Studies Center continues to carry on the tradition of Dick Koral's message of "whole building" training. Peter Grech, co founder with Dick Koral of the Superintendents Technical Association, has developed our extensive Building Super's Training program. Our instructors train students in current and future technologies, ensuring that they leave class with the ability to work in a transitioning market, where clean energy and green building techniques are essential skills.