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AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Online Certification Program


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4-6 month duration
Self-paced eLearning course includes 6-months access to online content, all eBooks, supplemental content, and related course materials, as applicable.
6 months, $1725

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The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate program from City Tech Continuing Studies Center starts with foundational instruction on Amazon Web Services with coverage on cloud computing and available AWS services, as well as a guided hands-on look at using services such as EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud), S3 (Simple Storage Service), and more. The Amazon Web Services (AWS) course is designed to provide a solid foundational understanding of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure-as-a-service products. The course covers concepts necessary to understand cloud computing platforms, working with virtual machines, storage in the cloud, security, high availability, and more.

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner program provides several hours of instruction that The AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate) course from City Tech Continuing Studies Center was developed specifically for the latest edition of the exam released in February of 2018. The AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification is ideal for anyone in a solutions architect or similar technical role, and this course is designed to help you pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam.

Throughout this program, we will cover all the key areas addressed in the exam and review a number of use cases designed to help you ingrain the principles and practices on which this certification is based so that you have an intellectual framework with which to formulate the correct answers. We will use a combination of demonstrations, architectural diagram walkthroughs, and case studies to help you understand the tools available to you for passing the exam. Throughout this course you will gain a deeper understanding of AWS architecture following the five pillars of the well-architected framework. Demonstrations of Amazon Web Services and third-party cloud solutions are included to provide a clear guide to understanding the services offered by Amazon Web Services and the needs those services meet.

Quick Facts

Tuition: $1725
Self-paced eLearning course includes 6-months access to online content, all eBooks, supplemental content, and related course materials, as applicable.
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Educational Requirements

  • Students should have or be pursuing a high school diploma or GED.
  • National certification is available for students who complete this course including Amazon Certified Cloud Practitioner.

Detailed Course Topics Covered

  • Employ proper security and networking methods in Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Understand computing in AWS
  • Understand storage in AWS
  • Use databases and employing analytics in AWS
  • Use AWS developer and management tools
  • Use AWS mobile and application services
  • Understand high availability & fault tolerance
  • Identify key, useful resources and materials that require studying in order to pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate) exam
  • Understand high availability principles, calculate services availability and how to plan for applications to be truly highly available
  • Understand how network topology contributes to a more resilient infrastructure
  • Understand how to achieve reliable infrastructure and applications in AWS, which requires consideration of capacity, and application and database resilience
  • Identify the principles and service details that can help in the design of performant networks in AWS
  • Explain compute performance and how the use of any particular instance type or leveraging containers can help improve application performance
  • Identify the various database solutions for both relational and non-relational data
  • Explain how DynamoDB and other data models affect performance and how it can be improved for write- or read-heavy applications
  • Explain the use of fully managed and powerful services such as kinesis, lambda, elastic container service and API gateway
  • Explain how event-driven and serverless infrastructures can improve the performance of our applications
  • Understand how securing account credentials and ensuring proper access to resources is a vital first step in securing infrastructure, applications and data
  • Discuss options that can be leveraged to create a more secure environment
  • Monitor every aspect of the infrastructure and create an environment in which nothing goes unnoticed or unrecorded using various features, options and practices
  • Identify and employ principles and techniques that can guide securing infrastructure most effectively
  • Secure data using access controls, as well as encryption in transit and at rest
  • Understand the various AWS cost models including often overlooked cost contributors for various services
  • Implement AWS in a way that maximizes agility and flexibility to achieve operation excellence for organizations

Each course includes

  • 24/7 instructor support and course mentoring
  • Student and instructor collaboration
  • Engaging labs, student exercises, course videos and animated simulations
  • Student pre and post assessments and online performance tracking
  • National and state certification opportunities
  • A secure Student Portal which includes: career guidance, resume writing and other career resources

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