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For online classes, you will receive a zoom log in at the email used to register about 3 days prior to the start date.
Sec B: Wed, & Thurs, 6:00 - 8:30 pm, (Watch for Dates)
4 hours, $80

*The NON-FIRE EMERGENCY-EAP and ACTIVE SHOOTER/MEP-NON-FIRE EMERGENCY share a single exam due to FDNY mandated curriculum that culminates the 11 hours of material.

This is the required 4-hour Non-Fire Emergency – Active Shooter component of the Fire Life Safety Director (FLSD) curricula. The course covers non-fire emergency situations involving active shooters and medical emergencies. The Fire Department requires that applicants for the FLSD Graduation Diploma successfully complete a minimum of four hours of Active Shooter/MEP classroom preparation. After completing the course, candidates will also have to take an FDNY computer-based examination.

This Active Shooter course is one of the three (3) course components normally included in the FLSD package.

If you have a Certificate of Fitness (F25/F58/F59), follow the instructions below:

Registration - Online this site, walk-in, or telephone 718-552- 1170 MasterCard, Visa, and Discover are ok for registration. There is an additional $20 registration fee.

Special Admin – At the first class meeting, bring a $5.00 check or Money Order payable to FDNY (No credits cards, No cash) Write Certificate of Fitness number in the memo section of check or Money Order.

Also bring a copy of your current Certificate of Fitness card (if you have one) which will be submitted to the FDNY, along with your check, at the successful completion of the class. The FDNY will mail you the new C of F card, and NYCCT will mail you a sealed completion confirmation letter at the end of the following week.

Note: Questions regarding personal qualifications and situations must be addressed to
the FDNY.