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  • PER103-SP16 (May 26- June 23) 

3D Printing Rapid Prototyping
28 hours, $725

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About the Class

This rapid prototyping (3D printing) course is for those interested in developing a skill set in visualizations of design ideas. Toy designers, industrial and product designers, jewelers and hobbyists will learn with hands-on class exercises using 3D modeling software such as Grasshopper, Rhino, and Magics. The 3D techniques covered are used in a variety of creative and manufacturing industries, from product design to architecture, jewelry, illustration and sculpture. The course will provide access to a range of rapid prototyping machines in the state-of-the-art City Tech CUNY Fab Lab.

About the Instructor

Hart Marlowe has been teaching 3d printing for 7 years at both Pratt  and City Tech. He focuses on both design and technical aspects - as well as ways to create interesting designs that then can be 3d printed. 
To see his exciting portfolio of work go to his website.  www.su11.com




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